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Facoco Store | Women we admire: Coco Dávez interview

Women we admire: Coco Dávez

Women we admire: COCO DÁVEZ
November 29, 2016 Marc Albornà Torras
In Women we admire

A chat with the Spanish artist Coco Dávez

Coco Dávez is one of the Spanish plastic artists of the moment with growing recognition. She has been on tour along the main cities of Spain exhibiting her last collection “Faceless“, a portraits collection of public figures where she does not paint their features of the face and fills them with a super luminous color range. We have interviewed her, and we have breaking news… Coco Dávez will dare with fashion, we hope that shortly we could see her art printed on a fashion item, YAY!! Keep on reading to discover more.


Marc: Your professional trajectory as artist starts in London in 2011, and came partially by chance. Also, you started without specific formation in the area of plastic arts. We know that you were very successful with your first illustrations posts in Facebook but, beyond this, when did you decide to turn this hobby into your profession?

Coco: I came to London with the intention of studying photo but quickly I realized that what I really wanted was to draw and the truth is that at the moment when I decided to draw again everything came so easy. Anyway I was always sure that I would have a job related to painting, I didn’t know which specific area would be but I knew that if everything was like I wished, I would do painting my way of life.

Marc: Brands adore you, you have done a lot of collaborations. Also you have worked for many media. You have something that it makes them engage, and successfully, to its final public: why do you think this happens?

Coco: I think that what attracts more their attention is the whole coloristic universe that characterizes my work. I think they like that everything fits, from the study, my paints, the packaging, the photos, the stylings,…

Marc: When you were a child you wanted to be a fashion designer. With your current work I imagine a fashion collection and I already love it. How do you imagine your own fashion collection? Is there any chance that it becomes true?

Coco: In fact, it’s the next project that I would like to carry out, I can’t stop imagine patterns in clothing… Everything would be very abstract and very fauvist. My idea is to start printing scarves, I’m passionate about it.

Marc: We can see that you give a lot of importance to the color palette you use, I suppose that like most of the plastic artists, but in your case that takes a relevant place. Why is that? How do you choose the colors you are going to use on each piece?

Coco: For me the color is the most important thing. I used to put limits on myself only using the primary colors and the turquoise, but it’s all about states of mind. It’s true that I’m always using the same color range, sometimes more pales and sometimes more darks.

Marc: If you had to paint your own “Faceless”, to capture your own essence in a canvas: which colors would you use?

Coco: The yellow would be the predominant color, for sure. It is possible that I would choose the first color palette I used to put on the beginning of “Faceless”, quite primary colors.


Marc: Before doing the interview, we asked you about your two favorite clothes of Facoco. You chose the gradient outfit of J’ai mal à la tête, which we certainly love. In fact they are two of the most coloring items of the whole collection. Coincidence? I don’t think so! Why did you choose them?

Coco: That’s funny, I choose them because they have two colors I’m starting to use in my life. I’ve never been related to purple range, but now I’m starting to like it, and I’ve always loved the gradients. Also I really care about textures, so one of the reasons that I chose this clothes was because its fabric.

Marc: Finally, on which projects are you working?

Coco: The most relevant think I’m working on is an editorial project. And if everything goes as planned, I would love to launch a fashion collection as I told you.

Thank you very much Coco!


You can follow Coco and learn a little bit more about her work:

Instagram – @cocodavez